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☆グビさん遺児育英基金 第八回めの奨学金を支給☆


2013年8月26日に他界した弊社の創業者の一人であったサルム・グビ(Salum Ngubi)さんの遺児の学費援助のための『グビさん遺児育英基金』には多くの方々のご協力をいただいています。 現段階(2016年10月31日)で、82人の方がたから1,547,000円+US$2,312+€535+Tsh1,120,000のご芳志をいただきました。ありがとうございました。 『グビさん遺児育英基金』についてはこちらからどうぞ。→『グビさん遺児育英基金』

今回の支給は以下のものです。(年間)  ①授業料:Tsh1,440,000  ②寮費:Tsh1,000,000  ③文房具代その他:Tsh 600,000  ④調査費:Tsh 500,000  *合計Tsh3,540,000  いよいよ最終学年に入り、調査費(フィールドワーク用)が入りました。


HELLO, hope your all fine and doing well! Here is my school report;

After I completed first year of my degree level on 20th September 2015, I went home for my holiday until 4th November 2015 were the school opened. As usual; I arrived at school on date as previously mentioned the opened date, hence after I received my class timetable I was able to proceed with my class sessions as arranged. It was very tough for me to attend classes, assignments and got prepared for tests without any free day in a week because the opened date was proponed to 4th November instead of 10th October due to the national election hence we had no enough time to fulfill the timetable than to force days, but all in all I thank God I managed to fix it.

It was 20th November 2015 I started test one of the second semester in second year of my degree level, and soon after one week I proceed with my daily routine and mostly I used evening time to conduct group discussions with my classmates. I really enjoyed school life because I learnt how to interact with people from different communities and different families, not only that but also we did sports and games as intercollegiate competition and I was among of the members from my department team who participated and achieved to reach finals with the other team from T.I.A Tanzania institution of accountancy and we beat them. I used to do that because I believe I went school to learn. Hence from there I proceed with my daily routine.

It was on 24th December 2015 I had a short holiday for Christmas and New Year. Hence I visited friends and relatives, and on 3rd January 2016 we opened the school because the holiday was very short and I got prepared for test two which was on 7th January 2016 and it was the time I even wished to sleep in the library because I had a lot to cover not only for test but also for final exam because I had no time to waste. As soon as I finished test two I sat for my final exams on 9th February to complete first semester of the second year on 17th February 2016 I managed to complete my semester without any failed paper, and I went home for the other holiday to prepared for the second semester of the second year.

On 2nd April 2016 the school opened and as usually I arrived school on date to start my second semester of the second year and I received my class timetable to proceed with my daily routine and soon after I got my timetable to conduct for my personal class timetable, and planed for group discussions to prepared for test one of the second semester of the second year of my degree level.

On 8th May 2016 I sat for test one to 22nd May 2016 and I thank God I did my best. After a week continued with my daily routine to prepared for test two which was on 5th to 9th June 2016, it was not very tough since I did well in my assignments and coursework’s hence it was my ticket to do final exams because those who failed test and failed to submit coursework’s were not allowed to sit for final exams. But because I did well I was able to sit for final exams to complete second semester of the second year which was on 29th July 2016.

On 11th August 2016 I started my teaching practice and I went the same school as I did on first year, it was at ILALA SECONDARY SCHOOL for a month and I really enjoyed because I experienced everything about learning and teaching process. Fun enough I was selected to be among of the members of guidance and counseling department at school hence I was so excited because this helped to develop my confidence, experience and thinking capacity. I thank God the teaching practice went well and I got ‘A’ of 96 as the pass mark for my practical teaching. From there I started my holiday on September 11th 2016, to 16th October 2016. Hence the school will be opened on 17th October 2016. And I will be there on date to continue with my studies so I can complete my third year as will be the last year of my degree level. I promise to read hard and work hard.






12月24日から短いクリスマス休暇に入ったので、友人や親戚を尋ねました。翌年2016年1月3日に大学が再開しました。休暇はとても短かく、7日行われるテスト2の準備をする必要がありました。このテストのためだけでなく、期末試験の内容もカバーしなければならなかったため、やることは盛りだくさんで無駄にする時間はありませんでした。図書館に泊まれたらいいのになと願うほどでした。 テスト2が終わるとすぐに、2月9日に2年目の1学期を修了するための期末試験を受けました。17日にどの科目も落とすことなく1学期を終えることができました。そして2学期の準備をするための休暇に入り、実家に戻りました。





 アダ サルム グビ





今回の支給で、基金の残高は以下のようになっています。  647,000円+US$3,148+Tsh975,700   今回はUS$1,500をUS$1=Tsh2,182のレートで両替しました。






多くの方々にご支援いただいているサルム・グビ(Salum Ngubi)さんの遺児の学費援助のための『グビさん遺児育英基金』。 おかげさまで長男のモハメッドはダルエスサラームから南西に500kmほどのイリンガにある大学で、充実した大学生活を送っています。教育実習もしてきました。 (スマホのカメラが壊れたそうで、今回は写真がありません。。) ☆以下、モハメッド・グビからのレポートの日本語訳(本文の英語

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