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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

 Last year Lukani Villagers experience high shortages of food crops especially maize which we use to prepare ugali,as you might be aware ugali is a main food for many Tanzanians. Not only a food crops but also shortages of cash crops like coffee. This was caused by a shortage of rains. This year we got enough rain and it seems to be better, not only for Kilimanjaro region but also for other part of the country.

In September last year Mr.Iwata visited our village Lukani, he is working at coffee roster shop in Japan. So he showed a willing to buy a coffee from Lukani villagers. We called a meeting of all villagers in order to talk to Mr.Iwata by themselves. Everybody expressed his happiness because many farmers had given up growing coffee because of low price they are getting from cooperative and private buyers. Mr Iwata promised to give them a good price. But villagers have to raise a quality of coffee because Mr.Iwata will buy only AAA or AA class. Now the farmers have a new hope. They agreed to make a best quality coffee for Mr.Iwata. Because of luck of financial capital, Mr.Iwata agreed to open oa L.C. in order to assist villager to send coffee buy credit. Now the entire document is ready, by the end of next week, between 19th and 26th June, about three hundred bags of coffee will be shipped to Japan. Mr.Iwata also visited coffee curing in Moshi T.C.B and TACRI in Lyamungo in order to see how the coffee from Kilimanjaro was treated.

In September last year Professor Tsujimura visited our village also he had opportunity to talk to the villagers. Through the fair trade project ,in which professor found in the village, he contributed one thousand US dollars in order to establish a coffee nursery so that villagers can get a new coffee seeds free of charge or being bought by minimum cost compare with those from TACRI. Some of the villagers have already got free coffee seeds since February this year. We are expecting more seedling from TACRI. So far, the library is getting better we could get some more books.

Secondary School Project. Through contribution from the villagers the secondary school project has already started. We are expecting to start from one classroom next year January 2007. The classroom is not yet completed but the target us to complete it before the end of this year.


 昨年、ルカニ村ではかなりの食糧が不足しました。ご存知のように多くのタンザニア人の主食となっているウガリを作るためのトウモロコシ粉が特に足りませんでした。自給作物だけでなく、換金作物であるコーヒーも不足しました。 これは昨年の雨季にあまり雨が降らなかったからです。今年は十分な雨が降り、キリマンジャロ州だけでなく、他の地域でも状況がよくなったように思えます。





Picha ya kumbukumbu/記念撮影
Toroli la kubebea mzigo/荷物を運ぶトローリ




JATAツアーズのスタッフたちが綴るタンザニアをご紹介します。 ​【目次】 ​ ★Kusikia si kuona(百聞は一見にしかず) - 相澤 俊昭 ★Tunatembea - 白川 千尋 ​ ★Habari kutoka Lukani(ルカニ村ニュース) - アレックス(ルカニ村出身) ​ ★Habari kutoka Kingolwira(キンゴルウィラ村ニュース) - グビ、ハミシ、ヤウ

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