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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2006・No.2

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

Among the new activities, which is now under pipeline are completion of a secondary school, in Lukani, which is now in the final stage. After completion of a secondary school, we are expecting new students earlier January 2007.

Also the village authority has established a culture center close to the forest, so that peoples and guests who are visiting, should have an access to study and get information of the traditional and cultural about Lukani people between 100 years and now. The cultural center includes traditional house. (msonge) There are some old equipments, like spoons, pots etc.

Otherwise the people are working hard to plant more coffee seeding. As the price of coffee, is getting higher. The cooperative society had already ordered more seed plants from Lyamungo Coffee Research Institute (TACRI). We hope after five years more than 50% of our farm will covered by coffee plantations.






Picha ya kumbukumbu/記念撮影
Kupanda mti wa kahawa/コーヒーの苗木を植える




JATAツアーズのスタッフたちが綴るタンザニアをご紹介します。 ​【目次】 ​ ★Kusikia si kuona(百聞は一見にしかず) - 相澤 俊昭 ★Tunatembea - 白川 千尋 ​ ★Habari kutoka Lukani(ルカニ村ニュース) - アレックス(ルカニ村出身) ​ ★Habari kutoka Kingolwira(キンゴルウィラ村ニュース) - グビ、ハミシ、ヤウ

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