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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2008・No.1

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

2007 Lukani Village had planed three main projects,To get new coffee seed from TACRI (Tanzania Coffee Research Institute).To construct a water stream from a forest Kilimanjaro to the village.Construct 2classrooms in Lumani Secondary School in order to enable 2nd year student, to continue with their class, as the 2nd year have to leave a class room for new comers.New coffee Seed from TACRI:The villagers have being asked to prepare a farm well, because coffee trees need a lot of cares. They are also waiting for free water after completing of water project. Otherwise people have plan to plant new coffee seeds, at the end of March in order to get support of rainwater during the expected rainy season, which started in April to June every year. Therefore, if they water project will not completed, they shall use rainwater. The water stream project is under way, now is halfway. But through well wishes friends of Lukani, we are expecting to finish this project at the end of this year. Please on behalf of Lukani villagers, I wish to please to anyone to assist on this irrigation water project. It was expected to cost about 14 million Tanzanian shillings. Now the project on the middle stage, that means if we can raise 14 million shillings, together with villager’s efforts who work as free labor to pile stream way, we can finish it.

2 classroom and staff house in Lukani secondary school have delayed, but now the project had already started expecting to complete at the middle of this year. But second year student shall be attending a classroom as well as first year students who selected to join Lukani secondary school for the year 2008. Lukani primary school itself sends 38 students to secondary school out of 41 students in 2008. About a secondary school, if we can manage to complete a irrigation project, through the income which will be gave rated grow farming vegetable, villager can raise a fund to build more classrooms and staff rooms. As you can see in the past two years 99 percent of all student sat for standard 7 examinations, to manage to join the secondary school, but problem for the moment is classrooms.

The villagers also welcomed two guests from ATJ(Alter Trade Japan).Two Japanese men have visited the village, and have ,showed an interest of buying coffee from Lukani Lossa Cooperative Society. After having an official talks with Mr.Samson Kileo,who is a Manager of Lukani Lossa Cooperative society, together with staffs, and village official. They finally initial to assist farmers, with fund new coffee seeds and technical advisor, on coffee preparation and also agreed to buy all of high grade coffee AA from villages.(Lukani/ Lossa Cooperative Societies)

We expect that until the end of this year we are going finish all of above project and establish a new order, for example after completion of this water stream project, the villagers have planned establish a small farm project to cultivate fruits.

Finally after having completion of the entire project especially the water stream project, we are sure of sharply increase of villagers income and life span in general.

Again we are welcoming all God wishes who want to share business with Lukani villagers.




TACRIからの新しいコーヒーの種:村人たちは、コーヒーの木は手がかかるから十分に畑の下準備をするようにといわれている。また、村人たちは水のプロジェクトが終了後、無料で水が使えるようになるのを待っている。さもないと例年4月から6月にかけての雨季の間に雨水でまかなうために3月末に新しいコーヒーの種を植えなければならない。 水路のプロジェクトは半分くらいまで進行中である。しかし、善意のルカニ村の友人たちを通じて、わたしたちは今年の終わりまでにこの事業が終えられるだろうと考えている。ルカニ村の人々を代表して、わたしはこの灌漑の水路プロジェクトを支えてくださる人がどなたかいらしたらとても嬉しい。約1,400万シリングが必要だといわれている。 プロジェクトは今、半分くらいまで来ている。村人たちの水路を作る労働奉とともに、もしわたしたちが1,400万シリングを集めることができれば、これを完成することができる。

ルカニ中学の2つの教室と職員室の増築は遅れている。しかし、今年の半ばくらいには終えられるだろう。2年生は2008年にルカニ中学に新たに選ばれた生徒たちと同様に教室で学べるだろう。 2008年度は、ルカニ小学校から41人中38人の児童がルカニ中学に入学した。

  中学校については私たちが何とか潅漑計画を完成することができるなら、野菜を売ってつくった収入を通して、村人たちは資金を集め、より多くの教室と職員室を作ることができる。 お分かりのように過去2年間は、7年生のうち99パーセントの児童が中学入学のための試験をなんとか受けるできた。しかし、さしあたりの問題は教室である。






Bunizimekusayika kwa chama cha ushirika 協同組合に集められたコーヒー豆
Ujenzi wa secondary/ルカニ中学の建設




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