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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2010・No.2

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

In the year 2010 the Lukani people have a new hope of getting the year 2011 with the following expectations.

First, finish the construction of parish worker and pastor house near the church. This was done just two weeks ago.

The main problem in which the people are suffering is how to get water stream. The price of coffee has gone up, now one kilo of coffee is selling at the 3,200/kg, down payments, after seedling the coffee to the auction they get another payment. This means the price of coffee is more than 3,200/kg.

But most of the coffee tree have already dead, because of being too old and some had attacked by deceases. But now the villagers have no money to replace an old one with a new one as the as the new coffee tree needs a lot of water while growing up, but here comes the issue of water for irrigating them the project which started almost six years ago, but as the production of coffee had fall suddenly the villagers could not be able to continue with dragging water stream from the forest to Lukani and surrounding villages, the only way they are thinking is to raise fund for the people now staying in the urban area and also push to the government in order to get allocation of this project through KILIMO KWANZA PROJECT.

Not only that but the villagers are thinking about meeting with our friends of Japan who are the main consumers of our coffee, to find out wether can assist in one way to another, the problem is that this water stream project needs a lot of money estimated costs was about 200ml ths. Unless they get reliable water for watering a coffee seedling no hope for getting more production of coffee from Lukani. After finishing this water stream projects the villagers is thinking about construction of VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL in order to assist those young graduates who misses the chance of entering junior high school to continue with studies.

Otherwise in short this year the farmers had a good harvest of maize in which they could even sell the surplus. This year two members from Lukani village got un opportunity to visit Japan. Mwalimu Kimaro visited Japan as the invitation of Fair Trade Project in September and Mr.Samson Kileo visited November, it was a great chance for them to study about Japanese life style.

We still have a problem of junior high school teacher in our sec school, only four teachers have employed. We are going to have first graduate this year.






それだけでなく、村人たちは、わたしたちのコーヒーの主な消費者である日本の友人たちとのミーティングも考えています。どのようなアシストの方法があるかということについて。問題は、この水のプロジェクトは概算して約200,000,000シリングもの大金が必要だということです。 信頼できる水源からコーヒー苗に水をやることができない限り、ルカニ村では、これ以上のコーヒー生産は望めないでしょう。この水のプロジェクトが完了したら、高校へ入れなかった子どもたちが勉強を続けるための職業訓練校の建設についても考えています。

ほかでは、トウモロコシは販売ができるほどの豊作となりました。 2人のルカニ村民が日本へ行く機会を得ました。キマロ先生は、コーヒー・フェアトレード・プロジェクトの招きで9月に、サムソン・キレオさんは11月に訪れました。これは彼らにとって日本の生活を学ぶ絶好の機会でした。



キマロ先生と教え子ローズ ©橋本芙美子




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