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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2012 No.1

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

Farmers in Lukani have saw the year 2012 different changes, although last year we had a good harvest for farmers. But this year, the normal rain delayed, until now May, the future of food production is uncertain, the farmers are not sure whether the rain will be enough for growing of maize up to production time. Usually they plant maize in February, but due to the delay of rain, the maize was planted in April.

The Lyamungo Coffee Research Institute (TACRI) had promised Lukani, Losaa member, a supply of new seeding of about ten thousand seed, this month. The farmers have to pay distribution cost. About this year production of coffee is seems to be better than last year.

Professor Katsumata visited Lukani last December with 3 graduates and February this year again with 6 students for Study Tour. They enjoyed seeing coffee cherry and coffee plantations and farmers.

Now the villagers are still struggling to find a way to get enough water to enable increasing coffee production. As now the coffee price has gone up to Tsh 5,200/kg. The villagers expect the Government to put more Budget to support a coffee production on coming next June.

Alex Silaa


 ルカニ村の農民たちは、昨年はよい収穫を得たけれど、今年2012年は違うと見ていました。今年は例年になく5月まで降雨がずれ込んだので、作物の出来ぐあいは定かではないのです。  村人たちはトウモロコシが育つに十分な雨が降るかどうか、いぶかしんでいます。いつもなら2月にトウモロコシを植えつけるのですが、今年は雨が遅れて4月となったのです。



 現在、村人たちはコーヒー生産量を上げるために充分な水を得る方法を探っています。コーヒー価格は1kgにつきTsh5,200にまで上がりました。  村人たちは政府がこの6月の来年度の予算で更なるコーヒー生産への支援をしてくれることを期待しています。







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