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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2012 No.2

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

In the year 2012, the weather was not good. We had a very little rain this year causing some crops to die. Very few farmers had a good harvest of maize especially those who grew earlier. So the rain season was very short compare the previous year. Now the farmers’ hope is only to get maize harvest from the upper area were the crops could resist a dry weather.

About water stream, the project is still underway as the villagers already cleaned the area to enable the expert to pass. Two weeks ago expert from Kilimanjaro Regional Office went there for the final assessment in order to prepare the bill of quantity. So now they are in process of finalizing the full cost. We expect it in two weeks but as all this process is on governments’ procedures. We are not sure whether we can get this within two weeks but we were promised to get them.

The coffee production this year is little better compare to the last year, but due to bad weather (short of rain) the harvest season delayed, usually the coffee harvest season starts September, but it is just beginning now.

This year we had two group of Coffee Study Tour. The one tour visited Lukani in February this year and another group visited in September this year. Also we had three Alternative Tour group member visited Lukani August this year. They enjoyed visiting some coffee plantations of different farmers in the village. They did some work with village members including planting coffee seedlings, school and local market and church visiting.

Now the short rainy season has just began in Lukani village although some other area in Tanzania it still dry. So we are still thinking to have this water stream to supply water to the area otherwise we cannot recover the coffee production in a large production.

On behalf of Lukani village members we thank all friends from Japan who are working with us to make sure we get this water stream project started in Lukani. Personally I thank Professor Tsujimura from Kyoto University for his tiredness effort to make sure the project has taken off.

 Alex Silaa














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