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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2013 No.1

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

In the year 2013, weather around the village and Kilimanjaro in general was better compared to the last year, although the rain were not so much, but took longer which enabled some crops to grew gently. So now the maize are in very good condition, people expect to havest more this year compare to the last year.

This weather does favour maize and other crop, and also favour coffee production too. We expect many farmers to have good harvest of coffee this year.

About Secondary school, the result of Form Four last year were not good. Lukani Secondary School is among the poor Secondary school in the District which perform very well. But we think this was because no laboratory and poor headmaster. But the Hai district council have managed to change the headmaster. Now there is a new headmaster. He is doing very well, and we expect diffferent result for the next year.

LUDEA have decided to pay for the cost of supplying power in Secondary school in order to enable students to study even after the class time. So TANESCO had promised to bring there power any time within this June.

About water irrigation project, last yaer we could not get fund for making feasibility study from the Hai District as promised. Therefore, we could not submit the application of grant to Embassy of Japan. But we are still following up to have water irrigation system so that we could increase the production of coffee, there is a good sign that this year we may succeed to get funds from Ministry of Agricultures that we conduct feasibility study of the irrigation project.

The year 2013 is approaching the middle almost half. The coffee production in Lukani is expected to be in lower compared to the last year, this is due to insufficient amount of rain as compared to the last year. Not only that but also the price of coffee fall sharply in the beginning of the this year (from 4000tsh to 2400tsh), but some farmers think this is just a temporary fall, then soon the price will turn to the before level or even higher. But some farmers loose an interest and are not taking care of coffee tree properly, this will result in low production at the end of the year in which it is a harvest season.

Meanwhile G32 managed to send one container of Lukani coffee to Kyowas coffee in Japan. This shall attract a good price as it was sold through fair trade system. Although the coffee price fall sharply but the Lukani Losaa coffee needed in International market and the production still low compared to the required one.

Alex Silaa







 2013年も半ばになりました。  ルカニ村のコーヒー生産は昨年より低くなるでしょう。これは昨年に比べ不十分な雨によります。しかし、それだけではなく、年初のコーヒー価格の急落(昨年の4,000シリングから2,400シリングへ)もあります。ただ、農民たちのなかにはこれは一時的なもので、すぐに同じレベルかより高い価格になると考えています。しかし、一方では興味を失いコーヒーの樹の世話をちゃんとしない農民もいて、年末の収穫シーズンの低収量につながるでしょう。




コーヒーの収穫:今年は早めです ©辻村英之




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