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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2014 No.1

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

In this year 2014, it seem to be good for the farmer of Lukani people as we had some showers before the end of last year. So we could get a good harvest of bananas and cow feeds which is very important requirements for the people as they now depends on selling bananas and milk from the cow they kept. They use this as an alternative way to get cash after the big setback of coffee production.

So rain water or irrigation is very important not only for the banana and cow feeds, but coffee also needs a lot of water. If the coffee cannot get enough water, the seeds becomes lighter compare to those which get enough water supply. This year also we get some showers in February and March, so we hope that we are going to get a very good harvest towards the end of this year.

Now the people are busy planting maize and cultivation, this is different from the previous year. The same period of last year, the people were still waiting for the rain, but also the production of coffee seem to be better compare to the last year. People are very happy and they expect a good harvest as the rain fall come on time.

Secondary school also improved the academic perfomance of the students, pass mark goes up this year for the students graduated compare to the last year. We expect the number of passed students in primary and secondary shall increase this year too.

Alex Silaa


 今年2014年は、昨年末にあった降雨のおかげで、ルカニ村の農民にとってはいい年のように思えます。 そのため、バナナと牛の飼料植物はよい収穫となりました。バナナと飼育している牛から取れる牛乳の販売は、村人たちにとって、とても大切な収入となっているのです。コーヒー生産が大きく後退した後の現金収入手段となっています。

 雨水や灌漑はバナナや牛の飼料のためだけに必要なのではなく、コーヒーも多くの水を必要とします。もし、コーヒーのための十分な水が得られないと、その種は、十分な水を得られたものと比べて軽くなってしまうでしょう。  今年は、2月と3月に雨がざっと降りました。なので、今年の末にはとてもよい収穫が得られるのではないかと期待しています。





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