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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2015 No.1

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

In Lukani this year we have some changes compare to the last year.


We expected to have a good harvest of coffee this year due to enough rain we got compare to the last ten years but the coffee production for the last year was not much , we expect more production of coffee this year , but although people didn’t got much coffee they had a very good , banana and maize harvest , so there is enough stock of food storage to meet the next harvest .Not only coffee harvest but also because of good weather, we have enough and excess production of banana all over the year .

The Lukani Losaa corporative society continued to support farmers for supplying a new coffee seedling as they already establish a permanent nursery for the coffee production, i myself expected to grow about 150 new seedlings to my small farm in Nsongoro I have already prepared my farm.

Lukani Losaa send another container of about 300 bags of coffee to Japan this month.

Academic status

Currently the academic status for our two schools, Lukani secondary School and Lukani Primary School are increasing. In primary school only one student didn’t got a chance to join junior high school In secondary school for the first time since established five student selected to join high school and many others got admission to the colleges and as we got a laboratory this year we expect the number one those who will join high school will shoot up.

Donation from the Government of Japan

On November 27th last year the deputy Ambassador of Japan in Tanzania Mr Katsuyoshi Matsunaga , and the project Cordinator Ms Wada Visted Lukani to investigate the the site and the situation of Lukani sec school. We are luck that on 11th March they visited Lukani again to donate US$78,747 (The Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects) in order to construct a multipurpose building for, staff office, Library, and laboratory . It was held in Lukani Secondary School, about 100 people From Lukani, Mashua and Losaa villages, and about 250 Lukani secondary school students attended this ceremony.

The cost estimated is about tsh 154ml, Embassy of Japan Donate tsh 140ml , the remaining balance of 15ml shall comes from Coffee premium sale to Japan and contribution for the villages benefited in this school. That is why the representatives from neighboring villages attended the ceremony..

The Villagers of Lukani and those who attended this ceremony were very happy becouse they are sure that their children shall have a modern laboratory , a library (now the books are kept in staffs office on the boxes coursing many damages to those books ).

According to Mr Mwamlima ( The Contractor selected to do this project ). the all work supposed to complete in August this year , and the handling over ceremony to be on sept 2015( if no technical problem happened while construction works going on)

We think this situation will increase students performance academically.  Mr Matsunaga said on his speech that Japan after world war two were very poor but the government decided to invest on education resulting a very strong economy to become a third among the developed country in the world. So we hope the economic situation of Lukani people will shoot up gently as a result of high academic people in Lukani .Thank you so much to our Friend in Japan particularly Prof. H. Tsujimura and former ambassador Masaki Okada. The project is going to start very soon as we are expecting the fund to be delivered before the end of this month (March 2015)

Now the only problem people are facing is water irrigation, we hope also that as the time get on we shall come up with solution of water irrigation system in Lukani.

Alex Silaa





ルカニ・ロッサ協同組合は新しいコーヒーの種を供給して、農民たちをサポートしています。すでにコーヒー生産のための常設のコーヒー苗床場を設営しました。 わたし自身は、ンソンゴロ地区にあるわたしの小さな畑で、150ほどの新しい種を育てるつもりです。すでに準備にとりかかっています。



現在、ルカニ中学校とルカニ小学校の二つの学校の教育状況は、よくなってきています。最初は中学校の中の低学年部分(訳者注 タンザニアの中学校はOレベルが4年間、Aレベルが2年間。この場合はOレベルのこと)にたった1人の生徒しか入学する機会がありませんでしたが、創立以来、5人の生徒が高等学校(=Aレベル)に入学し、多くの者たちが専門学校への入学を認められました。今年、理科実験室ができたら、高等学校への入学率がアップすることでしょう。


昨年11月27日に在タンザニア日本大使館の松永公使とプロジェクトのコーディネーターの和田さんがルカニ中学校の視察にルカニ村を訪れました。そして、幸運なことに今年の3月11日に彼らはルカニ村に再び来てくれました。ルカニ村中学校の多目的練、つまり図書室、実験室、職員室などの建設計画のためのUS$78,747の援助(草の根・人間の安全保障無償資金協力)の署名式のためです。 ルカニ中学の敷地で行われ、ルカニ、マシュア、ロッサ村々から100人、ルカニ中学校から250人ほどの人々が参加しました。





  日本の友人たち、特に辻村英之さんと岡田眞樹前大使に感謝します。 プロジェクトは資金が3月末までに届くはずなので、すぐにスタートすることでしょう。




ルカニ村へようこそ/Welcome to Lukani

式に集まった中学生たちく Secondary Students who attended the ceremony




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