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ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani - Lukani up date・2016 No2

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAA

The year 2016 have some different events and different weather, compare to the last year 2015. About weather, although we expected to have enough rain for cultivation, but the rain pour were very short to enable crops to produce the good harvest, especially maize, so many farmers suffers. But as I mentioned in the last year, until September there were enough rain which assisted in production of coffee. So this year the coffee production is better than last year, although the long rain expected in March / April were very short coursing problem on maize production. As a result the coffee harvest season were also affected.

Coffee production now is increasing, in my farm, it was easy to pass through before but now coffee plantation is increased to made someone not be able to pass easy. I expect to harvest more coffee this year. Cooperative Union has established a coffee nursery in which the farmers can buy one coffee seed for about Tsh. Three Hundred. So the villagers expect more production of coffee compare to the last year.

Lukani Secondary School continued to be one of the popular school in Hai District, this is due to result of donation of Japanese Government. As before there were no enough classrooms, no library, and even staff room, Japanese donation of building laboratory, Headmaster office, staff room and store, made the District and Regional authority to pay attention to the School. Before (two years ago ) there were only 6 permanent teachers, but now there are about 24 permanent teachers. This will definitely improve academic performance for the students, compare to the past, although the 2015 National Form 4 Examination results were not good. This is due to the past academic to status, but according to view from most of teachers admit that in the few years coming Lukani Secondary School will perform best among the leading academic schools in the Region.

We had one member of Alternative Tour this year and one intern as well as Prof.Tsujimura who spend two weeks in Lukani, also five Coffee Study Tour members visited Lukani and one intern. Unfortunately I couldn’t be able to attend well them (the Coffee Study Tours) as I had to participate in mourning of my brother who passed away just one day after the tour arrive in Lukani. on 4th September. It was very sorry, sometimes my brother used to assist the guests.

Hope that they enjoyed staying in the village and participating on agricultural activities and social works with villagers. Am welcoming you again. Thank you.

Alex Silaa


今年、2016年にはその前年に比べると、いくつかのいつもと違う出来事があり、天候不順もありました。農耕にとって十分な雨量を期待していましたが、特にトウモロコシにとって良い収穫をもたらす雨の時期がとても短くて、農民たちは苦労しています。 でも、昨年わたしが述べたように、9月まではコーヒーを実らすための十分な雨が降りました。なので、コーヒー生産は今年は昨年よりも良くなっています。しかし、3月、4月の大雨季がとても短かかったので、トウモロコシ生産にとっては問題となっています。それは、コーヒーの収穫シーズンにも影響しました。

コーヒー生産量は増えています。わたしの畑は、以前はすぐに通り抜けができましたが、今はコーヒー栽培が増えたので、簡単には通り抜けられなくなっています。今年はさらなる収穫を期待しています。 協同組合は農民たちに300シリングで種を売ることのできるコーヒーの苗木畑を作りました。村人たちは昨年よりも多く収穫できるだろうと考えています。


今年のオルタナティブ・ツアーでは参加者とインターンを1人ずつ迎えました。辻村先生は2週間をルカニ村で過ごし、そして5人のコーヒースタディツアーの参加者とインターンを1人迎えました。 あいにく、わたしはコーヒースタディツアーの方々の案内をあまりできませんでした。ツアー到着の翌日に他界した兄の喪のためです。兄は、お客さんたちの案内をしたこともありました。とても残念です。

村にいらした皆さんが、村人たちとともに農作業やほかの活動に参加し、村での滞在を楽しみましたように。そしてまた来れられることを願っています。 ありがとう。



コーヒー摘み:コーヒースタディツアーにて/Picking coffee cherries.Coffee Study tour ©辻村英之
ルカニ村中学校の生徒たち/Students of Lukani Secondary School ©辻村英之




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